Sylvia Silberg M.A.


Drs. clinical psychology, BIG registered healthcare GZ psychologist in Rijswijk / The Hague


Book recommendations


Hold me tight

Your guide to the most successful approach to building loving relationships.

Dr. Sue Johnson

Piatkus, 2008


The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work

John M. Gottman & Nan Silver

Orion Publishers, 2000


Wherever You Go There You Are :
Mindfulness Meditation for Everyday Life.

Jon Kabat -Zinn

Piatkus, 2008


Interpreter of Maladies

A most wonderful and eloquent depiction of life in a different culture

Jhumpa Lahiri

Flamingo, 2000

"As darkness falls,
I look at my son's beautiful sleeping face,
His tiny palms
Firmly closed
Over the weight of his world,
And I think of my parents
As they dream of holding him
In their arms,
In a small town
Far far away.

Living in America: Poetry and Fiction by South Asian Writers (p.41)
Darius Cooper 1995