Sylvia Silberg M.A.


Drs. clinical psychology, BIG registered healthcare GZ psychologist in Rijswijk / The Hague



As a BIG registered GZ psychologist ( Big registration nr. 89056726625 ) I follow the ethical and quality guidelines of the NIP which is an established code of ethics based on honesty, openness, respect and trust.

It can happen that despite my adherence to these standards, you may feel that you have a complaint about my professional practice or treatment. In case we cannot come to a mutual understanding you can contact the NIP for further assistance.

No information or any data concerning your treatment will be given to insurance companies or any other third party, unless you specifically give explicit permission to do so. It is Dutch general practice to write a summary for your General Practitioner at the end of your treatment. If you do not wish that your General Practitioner is informed, this will always be respected.

From January 2017 all mental health professionals need to have a quality statement . You can access the statement here.